Dominique Designs Dogs! - If your Pet isn't Becoming to you, they should Be Coming to US!
Why Us
We have all been there…bringing our loving, trusting dog to a grooming salon where you are told to come back 4 to 6 hours later.  Let me tell you a little secret, dog grooming takes 1 to 2 hours – 3 tops for hairy guys that need to be well dried. So what is your dog doing for the rest of the time?  I can tell you that too, they are being held in a cage while being around a bunch of unfamiliar smells and noises.  No wonder your precious baby returns home stressed out.
Dominique Designs Dogs! is an approach to grooming that puts your dog CENTER STAGE.  What does that mean?  Your dog is pampered from A to Z and is never, caged, noosed or muzzled.  Your dog is the only dog being groomed during that time frame and it is done in the comfort and security of the familiar setting of your home. 
Lee offers her soothing voice to calm your baby into trusting us and allows Dominique to make your baby look as you desire.  Harsh words are never used and a loving hand is what holds your dog secure.
Experience for yourself the difference between store front grooming and home grooming.  Your dog will be glad you did!