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Welcome to our blog!


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Pet Parenting


Yesterday as Groomers we encountered a situation we have seen countless times before.  The dog that was brought to us was so severely matted, it took over four hours to get them out and that was without a bath.  This two year old Shih-Tzu was a ball of knots.  

Dematting a pet is a painful and upsetting experience.  Even though the removal of the mats gives a feeling of relief, it can cause a moment of pain.  Think of having your hair in a pony-tail or under a hat all day.

Welcome to our blog!

Happy Winter Day!  

We at Dominique Designs Dogs are happy to present our blog!  

We will be devoting it to being a GREAT Pet Parent, with tips, tricks, ideas and anything else that is involved in being the best pet parent we can all be!

We invite everyone to share as we can always learn from other experiences

Warm Hearts & Wet Noses!
Dominique and Lee